Make Bowling Shots Under Pressure

Bowling under Pressure
Learn the tips you need for a great bowling shot when the pressure and stress are at their highest.

Just like every other sport, bowling is most difficult when the pressure is on. Being able to hit a strike to win a tournament is probably the most pressure and stress filled shot there is. It is easy to relax when you are just bowling for fun, but when the game really means something, can you step up and perform. This is really what separates us. Some people panic under pressure and become a worse bowler. And there are those who thrive under the pressure, and actually elevate their bowling game.

So how can you learn to bowl well under pressure? In order to perform well in stressful situations, you must learn everything in practice. These types of shots don’t come up in true games all that often, so you must rely on practice in order to become comfortable with them.

First, you need to take a really close look at your individual approach. Identify two important points in your game that you use to make a great shot. One point should come near the start of your approach, and the second point should be closer to the end of your approach.

Your first point may be something like “Strong push away”, “Just a short first step”, or “Just let it freely drop”. Your second point may be something like “Now extend”, “Stay down low”, or “Get our early”. It is important that you identify the two points that you feel are critical for your approach being consistent and helping you ensure a great shot.

Bowling under Stress
Bowling under pressure causes many of us to choke.

The two points you identify will also usually be problem area for you. They are probably points in your approach you don’t think too much about, and can get lazy with and inconsistent. These problems will find their way into your approach during a game, causing you to make bad bowling shots.

This is where practice is so important. Every ball you throw in practice, think about the key points as they come up in your approach. Get them so engrained that you can’t help but think about them as you bowl. You just automatically are thinking about them as they come up in your approach. And even when you think they are a part of your game, really think about them even more every couple of shots. This is key to making bowling shots under pressure.

Now that these points are in your head, and are now part of your game, don’t forget about them when you are having a great game. Sometimes, a person may be throwing a lot of strikes, and is getting really excited. It is important to always think about these keys, if you are having a great game or are in a bowling slump. The bottom line is thinking about these two key points should become natural.

Bowl under PressureYour first key point should be at the start of your approach.

Finally, we get to the pressure shot. It’s the last game of a tournament, and you are the last to bowl. You are now on your last ball, and you need to throw a strike to win the tournament. Anything else and you will lose. You feel the sweat coming off your body, and you are very nervous. Now, just take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

Now, instead of your mind racing and a million thoughts going through your head, you can focus on your two points. You should have been using them all game, so as you set up for your approach, your first point comes naturally. Say it out loud if it helps you. “Short first step” you say as you begin your approach. Just has you have done many times before. It is very comfortable by now for you. You have a perfect beginning on your approach.

Now, during your approach, you think in your head, “Stay down low” as your second point just pops in there with almost no effort. You are not thinking about all the pressure on this shot. You execute the rest of your approach perfectly, and your ball is released. You have just executed a fantastic shot when it counts the most. And instead of being stressed out and your mind racing, you were able to focus on your shot by using the two key points.

Bowling under StressYour second key point should be near your release.

Keeping your mind focused on your approach is the reason this method works so go on high stress, high pressure shots. You don’t have time to think about anything negative or throwing a bad ball. You are keeping your mind busy focused on your two keys, and executing them perfectly.

This is just one method that helps with these difficult shots under pressure. If you really want to become a great bowler, you need to learn all the tips and tricks to deal with the pressures of a big game. Take a look at The Ultimate Bowling Guide. This guide is simply the best bowling aid you can have. We have used it and our game has become so much better, and why we highly recommend it to everyone looking to become a better bowler.

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