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Bowling Shoes

If you are a serious bowler, you need your own bowling shoes. And if you already have bowling, you need to make sure they are the correct fit to maximize your bowling performance. Bowling shoes are a very necessary tool to bowling strikes and having a good stance. If your bowling shoes fit improperly you may experience discomfort and even pain while playing, affecting your game. If you are on a league or bowl just for fun we will help you fit the shoes for optimal comfort and support. If you are using bowling alley shoes, this can be a little tricky to fit because sometimes the sizes are a bit off from regular shoes. We recommend that if you are or plan on bowling quite a bit that you invest in a nice pair of well fitted bowling shoes. If you have shoe fitting problems because of an existing foot problem do not fret, we have secrets and tips that can help you there also.

Basic bowling shoe fitting standards

The basic shoe fitting standards apply to bowling shoes as well as regular shoes. The shoe should fit with a half of a thumbs width at the end by the toes. The width should not be too tight or too loose, either can cause a problem. When the shoe is on the foot and tied you should get a slight wrinkle in the leather when the thumb is run across the widest part of the foot (ball of the foot) left to right. The heel of the shoe should not slip up and down as you walk. There are fit accessories to help with this problem but it is best to initially try to find a shoe that fits better from the beginning. This may mean that you have to try a different brand, width or style of shoe.

Fit Bowling Shoes
Don't use bad fitting alley shoes. We shoe you how to get the perfect bowling shoe fit.

If all else fails and you can’t find a shoe to fit that is a “regular” bowling shoe there are some options. Find out the specifications from you local alley and you may be able to find a regular shoe that can be altered by a shoe repair specialist with a different sole material. Usually this only becomes a problem when you have a foot ailment or you need to accommodate an orthotic, brace or have wide or narrow feet. Have your feet measured by a professional shoe fitter if you can find one in your area. This can give you a good idea of your size and width but is not exact. Every brand of shoes and every style run differently. Most people can wear a three size range i.e. 9, 9.5, 10. Width is very important to a good fit. Too much extra room in a shoe that you spend several hours at a time in can cause serious calluses and foot problems as with not enough. Once you get the best fit from your bowling shoe, you can maximize your bowling potential.

Fitting alley shoes

If you don’t have your own shoes, don’t worry. We will show you how to choose the best size alley shoe. Alley shoes will be a little bit of a challenge because of the years of wearing and stretched leather. You want to follow the basic fit standards of a half a thumb’s with at the toes and watch for the slip in the heel. Bowling shoes that are owned by lanes usually have laces that run the entire vamp for a closer fit. You are able to lace theses shoes up for width adjustments better than other types. If you seem to have a problem with the heel slipping you may want to bring an extra pair of socks with you when you go bowling. If the shoes are a little too tight try the next size up and lace them tighter at the toes. When you gain length you also gain width. If this is a problem that you have quite frequently and have a significant amount of pain from you may want to go ahead and get a nice pair of bowling shoes even if you do not bowl in a league. Having them handy when you do go bowling will be nice and the shoes will last for a very long time and serve you well.

Custom Fit Bowling Shoes

Finding the right personal bowling shoe

The personal bowling shoe should fit more precise that an alley shoe. The personal shoe can last for many years and actually enhance your game. If you have ill fitting shoes or pain, this can affect your stance and your overall average. Finding the right shoe can be difficult and require a professional. You may want to go to a reputable dealer for personal bowling shoes if you have existing foot or ankle problems. Some types of foot problems can be aggravated by wearing alley shoes because they fit improperly. You can actually cause a foot ailment by wearing alley shoes for an extended period of time. The bottom line is to make sure whatever shoe that you decide to wear is fit well enough to stand and walk in for several hours at a time. A good bowling shoe fit will help your game and raise your scores.

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