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When it comes to bowling, one of the best ways to improve your bowling skills and techniques is to read a professional bowling guide to learn the skills, and then practice them. And then more and more practice until you are the bowler you want to be. There are many bowling guides on the market, so how do you know which ones will really improve your bowling game?

Luckily, we took the hard work out. We evaluated more than 10 guides for bowling, and will present to you the top 3 we found. These guides were all evaluated by a team of people: from bowling pros who have been bowling for many years, to even some newbies. What we will show you here are the top 3 bowling guides that everyone consistently agreed on.

The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Bowling Guide ReviewsThis was by far and away our winner. Everyone agreed that this guide was easy to follow and contained to best information, presented in a way you could understand. The newbies in the group picked up some tips to help them bowl better, and even the veterans learned some things to even help them bowl even better. We were all just blown away at how much information is packed into this guide. You can really tell the author, Eric Miller, loves bowling and really knows what he is talking about. The guide is well illustrated and there are many pictures to help you follow along.

Some of the topics discussed in this guide are:

In our opinion, this guide has everything you could possibly want in a bowling guide. It is priced well and even comes with a money back guarantee if you are not happy. We could not recommend The Ultimate Bowling Guide any more. If you are looking for a great bowling guide, this is the one.

Bowl them Away

Bowling GuideOf all the bowling guides we read, this seemed to be everyone’s second favorite book. There was a lot of good information in here. This eBook was written by Joe Wilman, who went into the bowling hall of fame in 1951, so you know he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to bowling. This guide does not cover as many topics as The Ultimate Bowling Guide does, but the topics covered are explored and explained in depth and pretty easy to follow. The Bowling veterans in the group seemed to like this guide more than the newer bowlers did, but overall we rank this as the 2nd best bowling guide you can purchase today. Some of the topics discovered in this book are:

If you chose this book, you are not really going wrong. This is definitely one of the best bowling guides out today.

How to Bowl Strikes How to Bowl Strikes

There was a little controversy who we were going to name as our 3rd best bowling guide, but after some debate, How to Bowl Strikes got our third place award. This guide seems to get right to the points to help you bowl better. You can tell the author, Chuck Johnson, knows what he is talking about. There is plenty of good information in this guide, and once you read it, you will know many new tips and strategies to be a better bowler. Overall, we feel this was a useful bowling guide and contains some good information.

Some of the topics in this guide are:

Again, this is a great bowling guide and you will thoroughly enjoy it and learn a lot once you read it.

We reviewed 15 bowling guides, and these three were the best. They are all top notch, but after reading The Ultimate Bowling Guide, we just felt there was a lot more covered in an easy to understand format. That is why if you are going to choose one guide, we suggest going with The Ultimate Bowling Guide.

Whichever guide you go with, good luck bowling and remember to have fun out there. That’s what it’s all about anyway.

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