Bowling Safety

Bowling Safety
Safety at the bowling alley is important, but we wouldn't recommend to go as far as to wear helmets.

How many people are thinking about or actually following safety guidelines while at the bowling alley? Bowling safety is a topic that is not on many people’s minds when they enter the alley. There definitely aren't many who consider bowling safety. It is very amazing that there are so many ways in which you can get hurt while bowling and the danger begins right from when you enter the bowling alley.

First, when you are just walking around, you should make sure of where you are. You should never be behind a person that is swinging a bowling ball. If a 16 pound ball hits you, even though it might not cause any serious damage, it will definitely hurt! Obviously, if you are swinging a ball, then you should make sure that there is no one is next to you. While bowling, you need to be the only person standing on the approach to the lane. If there is someone in a lane next to you bowling then you should wait. This is a proper bowling courtesy as well. This is because some bowlers tend to walk off to the sides after throwing their ball and do not realise that they have walked into the next lane. Bowling safety should be considered at all times when bowling.

It is absolutely necessary that you properly warm up before starting to bowl. This avoids bowling cold as well as helps prevent you from straining muscles that you have not used since the previous time you bowled. You can ask a local bowling coach for a little help with this or search the internet for the exercises to perfrom. The older we get, the more important warming up becomes, unfortunately. Being properly warmed up will also probably help you bowl better in your first game.

Safety while Bowling
Try to show off like this guy could cause someone to get hurt.

Ensure that you are wearing proper footwear while bowling. Do not wear street shoes or trainers as they will stain the lane approaches a lot and this will not be appreciated by staff at the alley. It will most probably lead to you getting kicked out. You need to get a slide step before you start bowling as without this your foot will stop too soon resulting in misthrown balls and strained leg muscles. Shoe rental are typically available, but any bowler will want their own properly fit bowling shoe.

You should beware of any liquid on the floor while bowling. This might lead to sudden, painful stopping or slipping. The best way to do this is to remove your bowling shoes and put your regular shows back on if you leave the lane to go to toilet or get a drink. You can also consider a protective slipper to put over your shoes. If you do get something to drink, keep it away from the bowling lanes and if you do spill anything then inform the alley staff immediately so that it can be cleaned up properly.

Bowling Alley Safety
Watch your fingers in the ball return!

There are even other ways injury can occur at the bowling alley. One is when you are picking up the ball. There are a couple of problems here. One is, when peolpe pick up a ball, most of them tend to pick it up with one hand, their fingers already in the holes. Each ball weighs up to 16 pounds and this is not a recommended way of picking it up. Just think about it. You may pick up a ball between eleven and twenty three times each game and when you multiply that with the weight of the ball it is a lot and this might put a lot of strain on your wrist, fingers and arm.

Always pick up the ball with both hands without putting your fingers into the holes. This will reduce the strain by at least fifty percent. The other point to remember is that when you pick up the ball, make sure that your hands are across the return. Never put your hand between the bowling ball and return. If any part of your hand gets caught between balls, it can be quite painful. You might even break a finger.

Another thing you have to remember while bowling is to always stay behind the foul line. The area after that is completely oiled and it is highly likely for you to fall down if one of your feet touch this surface. Also, this oil will get stuck onto your shoes and spread all over the approach and you and others will face problems the next time you come to bowl too.

Bowling Safety
Following the bowling safety rules will make sure everyone has a fun time at the alley.

There are quite a few ways in which you can get hurt in a bowling alley and not all of them are actually from throwing the ball. You should try your best to avoid all these issues but you should realize that this is definitely not a complete account regarding safety at the bowling lanes and you should be careful at all times. Bowling is a relatively safe sport, but bowling safety still must be considered at all times.

For more tips on properly warming up, safety, and just how to become a better bowler, we recommend looking at The Ultimate Bowling Guide. It has all the information you need to be a better bowler.

Remember, be safe next time you hit the lanes!

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