Basic Bowling Techniques

Bowling Techniques
Let us show you the basic bowling techniques.

You may be a seasoned bowling vet or just a beginner looking for some tips to improve your game. Either way, we will show the proper bowling techniques that are tried and true that will help you improve your game. To bowl your personal best, you have to constantly develop your own techniques. Your personal best involves skills that need to be consistent and practiced regularly to perk up your score and averages. To do so you must practice, practice, practice. With practice, you will begin to understand which bowling techniques work best for you.

The two basic measures that need to be taken to hone your skills, when perfected, can improve many aspects of your overall game and raise your average. Your swing and your approach are the two most important skills to master. Once you have consistently mastered these skills you can become the bowler that everybody envies. Your approach has two key ingredients to start with, your ball position and your stance.

Your stance begins the whole setup for a perfect strike or a great game. If your stance is not right on, the whole turn is wasted. A proper stance consists of bending the knees slightly and your spine should be angled forward slightly. Your leg position gives you the control you need to thrust off with strength and stability. This is a basic bowling technique that you must master.

Once your stance is correct, you can now focus on the position of your ball. How you hold the ball and where against your body you hold the ball depict your swing. Usually, you want to hold the ball even with your waist during your approach. Smaller people can hold the ball higher to add power to the swing.

Now that you are in proper position, you may want to work on your swing. Your swing involves four basic bowling techniques - timing, release, rotation and your finish. Timing is key if you are aiming to hit a 200+ bowling average. When your timing is off even by a little the whole swing is thrown off. Timing leads directly to releasing the ball to get the perfect shot. For the utmost control and precision, your ball should be released when your arm is at the bottom part of the swing.

Proper Bowling TechniqueThe rotation of your ball comes into play at the precise time that the ball is released. Rotate your fingers a little just as you release the ball. This should produce a hook shot as the ball crashes into the pins. When you finish, your arm should be pointing up, as this is good form. Mainly if you finish in this form you will have a powerful swing and your revolutions will be high. Again, mastering these techniques will greatly improve your game.

All serious bowlers usually have two main balls that they use. These balls and grips have been custom fitted for the bowler specifically. The reason for two balls is that a heavy ball and a lighter ball have different uses. A heavy ball should be used on the first shot and the lighter ball for spares.

Your strike ball (the heavier ball) should be used for the first shot in hopes that it will be a strike. To bowl a strike, start at the center dot. When you are in position, aim for the second arrow from the right side and rotate when you release the ball to create a hook shot right into the pins head on.

Good Bowling Technique
Knowing the basic bowling techniques will help you raise your score.

These bowling techniques will come with practice and should be repeated until you have them down pat. Sometimes having a friend or bowling mate observe your form and swing can help you assess your weakness in your stance or swing. Some bowlers even use an empty lane and a heavier “practice ball” to sharpen their techniques. The main part of your personal technique should be mostly mental and form.

Here are the 10 basic steps for a perfect release:

  1. Pick up your ball.
  2. Get your mind ready to bowl.
  3. Get your body ready to bowl.
  4. Eye your targets.
  5. Push out the ball.
  6. Let the ball swing back naturally.
  7. Let the ball swing forward and take your step toward the target.
  8. Throw the ball onto the lane.
  9. Release the ball.
  10. Evaluate your bowling performance.

We have presented the basic bowling techniques here. If you are ready to really learn the more advanced bowling techniques and other bowling secrets, we recommend The Ultimate Bowling Guide. This guide has all the tips and in depth information you need to really become the best bowler you can be.

Good luck and don’t forget that practice does make perfect.

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Bowling Trivia:

The sweet spot located between the first and third pins for a right-hander is known as the pocket.