Amatuer Bowling Tournaments

Amatuer Bowling Tournament
Could an amatuer bowling tournament be right for you? Find out!

If you are a bowler who has been putting up consistently good scores while bowling, then you may want to consider testing your skills at an amateur bowling tournament. There are amateur bowling tournaments that are designed especially for people just like you. The Amateur Bowlers Tour (ABT) is probably the most popular tournament right now, paying out the highest prize money. A tournament such as this one not only can help with your confidence on the lanes, but also offers the opportunity for great bowling connections and some pretty good prizes. There are two divisions in the ABT and there are even breaks for those bowlers with handicaps.

The ABT began in September of 1977. It was started with the main aim of uniting bowlers of various skill levels into a single great tournament. At this time it was noticed that not everybody could throw a two hundred game and thus the amateur tournaments were started. These amateur bowling tournaments are not only a part of American culture, they can be found in various other countries as well. Don’t forget, people love bowling all over the world! These tournaments help bring together various different nationalities that all share a common love for bowling. You also have a senior amateur tournament that is specially for seniour citizens, those above sixty years of age, who still have the craving in them to head out to the lanes and bowl.

Bowling Tournament
If you consistently bowl at a 200 or better, joining the ABT might be right for you!

The amateur bowling tournaments are some of the biggest tournaments worldwide. They are the only tournaments in bowling where everyone is guaranteed that they will get something that they can regard as prize money. Depending on which division of the amateur tournament in which you take part the amount of prize money at stake will be different. Also, the different divisions will also determine the number of players that are going to take part in that division’s tournament.

The ABT has its head office in the state of California and has been able to reach out to various other parts of the country too. There are currently 20 branches in the ABT, so there should be one reasonably close to you. This means that there are a lot more people that are joining the amateur bowling tournament than ever before, which is increasing the first prize payout even higher. The two divisions that are part of this tournament are the masters division and the calssic division. The division in which you get to take part will depend on your bowling score. Most amateur bowlers find themselves in the classic division, where as the really good players are put in the masters division where the payouts are even higher.

This amateur tournament was specially designed for people who have bowling scores that are below 200. But, nowadays the tournament has also started to allow players that have an average bowling score of 220 an opportunity to be a part of this great tournament. Originally the masters division of this tournament allowed amateur bowlers with an average score of around 190 to 220 the opportunity to compete. This limit was later raised to 225. When the classic division was initially created it was for bowlers who had an average of 190 or less. Later on, this figure was reevaluated and increased to 199 in accordance with the change in the scores from the masters division.

Amatuer Bowling Tour
The Amatuer Bowling Tour has many locations. These Tournaments are both fun and offer great prizes.

Since this bowling tournament began, it has paid out over 130 million dollars worth of prizes. What this means is that the ABT has paid out prize money that is much more than any other bowling organization that has ever existed. The payout from this amateur tournament is even more than the one that is given by the Professional Bowlers Association, and this organization has been around almost twice as long. The amateur tournament on the other hand has only been around for a 25 years and still has higher overall prize money which is a quite remarkable feat on its own.

If you are a person that is really interested in bowling then you should consider testing your skills at one of these tournaments in order to see where you stand in the world of amateur bowling. Most professional bowlers get their start in the amateur tournaments. You may realize that your skills are far better than you thought and you will also get a chance to learn a lot about the sport from the people who have been bowling for a lot longer than you and have a lot more experience. Being a part of this is not only exciting, it is also a lot of fun.

Bowling Tournament
If you are good enough, you just might earn a great prize just for bowling in the tournament.

To get started, head over the Amateur Bowlers Tour website and fill out an application. If you are good enough, you will win some money. Win or lose, you will for sure make some great friends and bowling connections, and probably learn a tip or two to make your game better. Who knows, you may find that you actually have a career in bowling ahead of you!

In preparation for a tournament such as this, I would high recommend checking out The Ultimate Bowling Guide. I know I’ve said it before, but this is the easiest to use and most informative bowling guide I have seen. Following the tips in this guide will help you perform your best, and maybe even help you win a tournament such as the ABT.

Good luck!

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