Bowling for Left Handed Bowlers

Bowling for Lefties
If you are a left handed bowler, let us show you some good tips.

Being a lefty is hard in most cases and in being a left handed bowler is no exception. Most sports are not set up for a lefty and the equipment is often awkward for us as well. Some things about bowling can become confusing and daunting as a lefty. We are going to give you advice on exactly how to bowl comfortably and better as a lefty. Everything is a little different including the shoes and balls that lefty’s use. Most of the lefty’s in pro status started out using right handed equipment that gave them an edge once they actually used left handed gear.

Shoes are very important, believe it or not, to the left handed bowler. The idea of left handed bowling shoes may seem odd to you at first but read on. People often wonder how something you wear on your feet could affect your bowling and why on earth would you need lefty shoes. Well the answer is simple. If you get lane shoes they are neither left or right because they are general bowling shoes. These general shoes have each got the same sole for sliding. Lefty bowling shoes have only one sliding sole and one sole for traction.

The right shoe is used for the traction and the left shoe for sliding. Right handed bowling shoes are exactly opposite. The sliding shoe is designed for your approach and the follow through. The lefty shoes help with improving your shot by allowing traction where and when you need it instead of all slide for any bowler.

Left Handed Bowling
Having the right ball is important for those bowling left handed.

Universal shoes are worn by many with no problems at all but pro and serious bowlers usually use a right or left handed shoe. Most alleys don’t have any lefty or righty shoes. These types of custom accessories are usually purchased at pro shops and over the internet, and are recommended if you are a serious bowler.

Your ball is also very important if you are a left handed bowler. Lefty balls are different in two ways from a right handed ball. The placement of the holes and the spacing between the thumb and finger holes are the difference. In a left handed ball, the ring finger hole is behind the middle finger and is the last finger to leave the ball. The center weight of the ball is also different in a lefty ball.

The center weight is slightly in front of the thumb hole and slightly to the left. The weight placement and can give the ball more spin action. If you are a left handed bowler that is just starting to play, you may want to ask for a left handed house ball to practice with at your favorite alley.

Most alleys’ have a few to choose from but only bring them upon request. The lefty balls that are furnished at an alley are usually beaten up and abused but do beat the heck out of using a right handed ball.

Bowling for Leftys
We show you the bowling techniques for lefties.

Other than using a different ball and reversing the basic approach and delivery, being a left hand bowler has no shortcoming and a lefty can enjoy a good game of bowling with no more problems than a right handed bowler. The basic tips and tricks work just the same and can be simply reversed in your head pretty quickly. The first bowler ever to make a million dollars was a left handed bowler by the name of Earl Anthony.

For many more bowling tips and tricks, including those for lefties, check out The Ultimate Bowling Guide. This guide will show you what you need to bowl like a pro, and raise your average. It has a lot of tips and techniques just for lefties! Happy bowling.

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