How to Get Out of a Bowling Slump

Get Out of Bowling Slump
Finding yourself in a bowling slump? Do not worry. We can help get you out quickly!

From time to time, even a good bowler will go through slumps. A bowling slump is defined not as one bad night at the alley, but a series of bad nights. Some slumps last longer than others. Some are over in a week. Unfortunately, some can go on for months at a time. Bowling bad is just no fun.

Slumps can be caused by many different reasons. A bowler cannot feel a slump coming on. One game you are bowling your average, and the next game your score drops. And before you know it, you have bowled five bad games in a row, and you are officially in a bowling slump.

Although you may not know what the reason is, a reason does exist. There is something different you are doing physically are mentally that is affecting your game. To pull yourself out of this slump, you must figure out what has changed. It is only once you have determined what has changed will you get back to your normal bowling self.

Bowling Slump
Bowling slumps are no fun.

The first thing to take a close look at is your targets. Are you looking where you are aiming the ball. Many bowlers eventually get too comfortable with their release and don’t pay close attention to the target they are aiming at. If you find yourself looking somewhere besides the spot you are aiming for, this may be the reason you are in a slump. Stay focused on your target and you will find your scores returning to normal if this is your problem.

Next, take a close look at the rotation of your ball. I good bowler should be able to tell if their ball is rotating the same way it always has. If you see any differences in ball rotation, you may have found your culprit. How do you fix this? First, make sure you have a clean ball. You may want to have it professionally cleaned in a pro shop. Next, think about your ball release and timing. Are you trying to put more spin on the ball? Let the release come naturally as your body remembers. Do not force it. Finally, ball fit may be an issue here. Your fingers may have changed in size due to various factors. If so, you may need your ball re-sized.

Slump in Bowling
Follow our tips, and you will find your old bowling form.

If you still have not figured out why you are in a slump, take a look at your foot work. Are you properly balanced at the foul line? Sometimes a person will stop stepping during their last bowling step, or begin to turn their slide foot sideways. Proper footwork is key, and if you begin to alter what has worked for you in the past, this can create a bowling slump.

Sometimes a slump can be caused by mental reasons. A person may have bowled a few bad games. It happens. Then they may be trying too hard to get back to their average. By trying to hard, you are disrupting your normal mental focus. Stop thinking about it and just have fun. Let the ball flow free. You may find your slump coming to end by just loosening up!

Still haven’t found your way out of the slump? Take a look at your swing plane. Make sure you are not pushing the ball in a different direction than normal. Pushing the ball in either direction just slightly can make a big difference. You may find that on certain shots you are pushing the ball too much. Also make sure you are not getting lazy with the push away, shortening their swing.

Bowling Slump
Sucess. It is possible to get out of a bowling slump.

Be sure you are just letting your ball fall. Don’t try to control the ball, just let it naturally flow. Also, be sure not to stay on the ball too long. This can cause you to lose accuracy.

For those of you that have a spare ball, make sure that it is in proper working order. Make sure it is clean and fits well. A lot of bowlers don’t take care of their spare ball as their strike ball, and you may find yourself missing spares because of it.

If you still are finding yourself in a bowling slump, the best solution we can recommend is checking out The Ultimate Bowling Guide. This is an amazing guide for learning to bowl your best. It will get you out of your slump in no time at all, and you will probably even improve your game. We love this guide and cannot recommend it more.

Good luck getting out of your slump. We know you can do it!

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